The first three issues of the highly influential Typographica New Series edited by Spencer which revolutionized the world of typography, design, and advertising and continues to do so to this day. The genius of Spencer’s editing is how he acknowledged and brought to light the various forms of typography perspectives, including the commercial, historical, and artistic.

Issue no. 1 features articles on Britain’s Royal Arms, the history of numerals, Five Polish photographers, the work of Franco Grignani, Yosi Bergner’s drawings of Kafka, and photographs of Anne Hickmott among others.

Issue no. 2 features Max Huber’s graphic and typographic work in Italy, designs by the young American trio of Robert Brownjohn, Ivan Chermayeff, and Thomas Geismar, and work by the Polish-French engraver Abram Krol among others.

Issue no. 3 features articles on the integration of photo and type by Ken Garland, current work by young Swiss designers, an illustrated article by Richard Hamilton, experimental publications of Diter Rot (Dieter Roth), an extensive showing of linear compositions by the American artist Alcopley, and an examination of the experimental photography of the 1920’s vy Camilla Gray with examples of work by Man Ray, El Lissitzky, Klutsis, Rodchenko, Prampolini among others.



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